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Activities - Erotic Interests and Fantasies

Verbal Humiliation & Degradation - I take great pleasure in reminding you of the dissatisfaction you bring me! With a voice of elegance, yet words so stern. Please, prepare for me to rip you apart.

Bondage - I would love to have you restricted in every way! It is an excellent display of my control over you, and how completely helpless you are to all that I have in store.

Body Hair Worship - I am exuding beauty from my head to my toes. My body silky with a glamorous coat of hair many men could only dream of growing. Body hair is directly linked to higher intelligence, confirming my superiority. Bow down and respect me in all my glory.

Breath Play - How I love to take your breath away both visually and physically. Let my curvy feet wrap around your neck, stopping the flow of blood to your brain. Or suffer as my strong arms hold you tight, while my legs wrap around your body, fully stretching you out. Once I have my hands on you, be prepared to tap out.

Corporal Punishment/ Impact Play - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE: Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Caning, & Whipping! Submit yourself to me and be ready to get exactly what you deserve! A true sadist at heart, the sound of my implement making contact with your skin really gets me excited!

Foot & Shoe Worship - Get down now, on your hands and knees. Admire my perfect feet, size US 6 ( sometimes 6.5),UK 4 - incredible high arches, flexible, soft, and smooth. They are worthy of endless pampering, so show them plenty of love & attention. Contribute to my shoe collection!

Female Supremacy - Don't ever forget who rules the world! I will never let you mistake yourself for anything but inferior. I will keep you in your place, and you will stay right where you belong. Now, kneel and cater to Me!

Financial Domination - I want you to give me all of your cash. You must pay me for each thought of yours that you find me in, the fantasy of me is not free. You shall wire me money via PayPal, Venmo, etc. and clear my wishlist! You will meet all of my demands and provide additional surprises and gifts! :) It's best that you tip me GENEROUSLY or I might just have to take your whole wallet!

Food play - STRICTLY VEGAN - All food provided must be vegan & sealed (except produce). When you submit to your vegan Domina, you vow to comply with my rules. I find food to be an aphrodisiac, and I am completely unable to resist the sensual & satisfying sensations food brings. I imagine mango juice dripping down my nipple, on to the metal bar piercing it's sensitive tip. My tongue glides up and down, tasting the sweetness upon my areola while all you can do is watch with all your desire. I'm absolutely obsessed with mangos of all kind, but especially fresh! I love fruit, chocolate, & nondairy ice cream! I also can't resist decadent baked goods - make your Mistress happy!

Electric play - ZAP! Ah, I love hearing that sound, something about it that just compels single strains of hair to dart straight into the air, as if they were subs waiting for my next command. ZAP! Oh, so exhilarating I can't deny the amusement it brings me, holding my wand effortlessly as you stand there quivering, anticipating my next --

Golden Showers – Let me shower you with my personal fluids. I'll piss all over you with a smirk on my face the whole time. The view from up here is incredible, watching you marinate in every drop of my endless stream. Oops - did it get in your eyes?

Human Furniture - SIT. Let me sit on you, be a good chair or foot stool. I'd like to use you while I paint my nails. But you better keep steady, or I'll give you a reason to shriek.

Massage (Me) - Prove yourself as a worthy sub and treat Mistress with some care. Show me your true devotion by helping relieve my body of some stress. This is your chance to have close skin contact with me and rub oil all over the curves of my beautiful body. My skin and complexion will entice you into an endless massage and that's fine by me, you can always extend if I have the time for you :)

Multiple Mistresses - These are by far some of my favorite sessions, I love to play and dominate with other Mistresses! There's this magic that really comes into play when you have a room of many attractive Mistresses! We hold so much power over you, and that maybe exactly why I find it so erotic.

Roleplay - (Goddess, Queen, Mommy, Warrior, Witch, Countess, Carny, Teacher, Comedian, etc. {email in 24hrs advance for personalized experience}) I have an exceptional fascination with roleplay! I'd like to take us on a journey through the creative ideas that prance around my radiant mind. Let me dive into unique character roles on this great exploration with you! I am a magnificent actress, give me your fantasy and I'll turn it into a Scene!&

Sensory Deprivation - See no evil, speak no evil. Surrender yourself to me and I will take away everything that your mother gave you. You don't deserve to lay your eyes upon this Goddess for long, if even at all. I love it when you’re silent & only murmurs of you begging for mercy can escape your mouth. You will be reborn!

Sub Training - My subs must be ready to demonstrate their worth and fulfill Mistress's needs. You should want to give me massages and make me vegan yummies! Read to me, I also love well thought out surprises and creative pieces. You will do as I say, and you should only be concerned with my satisfaction, for I will be the one determining your worth as my sub.

Tease & Denial - Has been one of my specializations for as long as I can recall. It's quite exhilarating to entertain your desires, giving you what you deserve only eventually. Leaving you there breathless, eagerly waiting for me to make the next move, knowing I will just continue to tease you until your heart cannot withstand it any longer.

Wax play - The feeling of warm candle wax dripping on your body is a sensation you can't resist. Put your trust in my hands and let the wax explore your body. But the closer I get the hotter the drip, what do you prefer and what do you deserve?

OTHER INTERESTS & FANTASIES Ballbusting & CBT Crossdressing Domestic Discipline Face Slapping Forced Performances Genitorture Nipple torture Mind games Pet play Smothering Spit play Showers (Crimson: email week[s] in advanced) Trampling Tickle torture Wrestling

Interested in partaking and willing to learn more about other activities as well!

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